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Who We Are

Frequent Questions

  1. What is STRIMA?

    STRIMA is the State Risk and Insurance Management Association, a non-profit organization created in 1974 by 4 state government risk and insurance managers in the Atlanta airport. It has grown to become a nationwide organization that includes an Executive Board, active committees, State Members, Retired State Members, Honorary Members, and Associate Members.
    STRIMA has one annual educational conference in September in a different large city in the nation. Unlike most other national risk/insurance conferences, the STRIMA conference is much smaller and more concise, tailored to the specific needs and services of state governments. STRIMA is a close-knit family of members and companies that have known and worked together for many years.
    If you are a state government employee involved in risk management or insurance, consider becoming a State Member!
    If you are a company that services or supports state government risk management and insurance departments, consider becoming an Associate Member!
    We invite you to learn more about STRIMA in this FAQ section.

  2. How do I become a Member?

    STRIMA is always searching for individuals involved in or working with risk or insurance management positions in state governments. It is also searching for companies that directly serve and support these state governments.
    All potential or interested persons are encouraged to contact our STRIMA President or Outreach Chair for additional information. Our current President is Mandy Hagler and our current Outreach Chair is Janet Morrow. Their contact information can be found in the Our Board link above.

  3. What are the benefits of a STRIMA membership?

    A new STRIMA State Member gains immediate access to a peer-to-peer state risk manager network with years of experience who is willing to share data, programs, solutions, forms, and ideas. The more active one becomes in STRIMA, the more one receives professional and personal benefits.

    State risk and insurance managers are a unique group. They address the very same exposures that challenge the private sector risk manager. But they also address multi-billion dollar property valuations, state-wide corrections, transportation, and state park facilities, risk operations of colleges and universities, complex workers’ compensation systems of state governments, and tort and liability departments that protect state assets. They perform these services under the direction and involvement of their state government legislatures and committees. Their departmental budgets are some of the state’s largest in terms of dollars appropriated annually.

    A special benefit STRIMA offers its Members is its limited size. STRIMA is comprised of several hundred Members, State and Associate, as opposed to various other risk organizations in the thousands. This allows a much greater focus on serving and meeting the specific needs of state government risk and insurance professionals, and a deeper exposure and relationship with Associate Member companies that belong to STRIMA. Membership is comprised of the 50 state governments, the Canadian provinces, and representatives from the insurance and risk management consulting community.

    If you are involved in risk and insurance management for state governments, come join us!

  4. How do i maintain my membership in STRIMA?

    All active STRIMA Members are required to keep their current membership by paying the annual dues. New year payments can be made following the annual fall conference and/or upon receipt of the new year Annual Dues invoice from the President.

  5. How do I log in to my account for the first time?

    After you have gone through the "Become a Member" link under membership and submitted your information you will receive an email with a link to the website. The email is not auto-generated and may take a day to be sent out, so be patient. Once received you can click the link and use the credentials found in the email to login. Once logged in you should immediately change your password. You will then be able to navigate the members portion of the website. If you find yourself outside of the members area you can click the "member login" link on the right side of the screen to go back into the members area.

  6. How do I subscribe, post or reply in the STRIMA Forum?

    Click on the Forum link in the members area and it will guide you to the STRIMA Forum. Once in the Forum you can view the FAQ page linked a the top of the screen.

  7. Who is eligible to become a STRIMA member?

    State Members are the State governments upon payment of membership dues. Deputy members of member states are the heads of the organizational units of state governments directly charged with risk management or insurance procurement functions, or their principal assistant. Not more than three officials from each state may serve in a deputy membership capacity. Only deputy members have the right to hold office and the right to vote, and no state is entitled to more than one (1) vote or two (2) office positions at a time. Retired state members are ex‑officio deputy members of the Association.

    Associate Members are non‑state government employees who attend and participate in Association activities. Associate member dues shall be established in the same manner as state membership dues. Associate members have no voting rights and shall not attend the annual business meeting.